Why you Need Website Development

ATB Creative know just how valuable your time is. We know that right now, there are probably ten others things that you should be doing aside from reading this blog, but you’re here because you know you need to give attention to website development. You know that there’s potential for your brick-and-mortar shop to be replaced by your website – but not in the condition it’s in now. Your current website has been created using a technician’s template. Maybe it’s not user-friendly. Maybe there are glitches you don’t know how to eliminate. Maybe its web design doesn’t support your brand.

There are plenty of reasons to have your website redesigned – and even more reasons to have a professional do it. Here are a few:

  • When a website development professional takes over the design and implementation of your new website, you have more time to serve customers, build your brand, team-build, and all of the other tasks necessary for running your business.
  • A website development expert knows how to create website design that caters to the needs of users. Our own Miles Fryer is a technician, but there’s more: he has a finger on the pulse of the consumer, and he knows how to endear your website to your target audience. In most cases, website templates are developed by techies, who do not know your audience or your brand.
  • 72 per cent of all searches for products and services are conducted online; therefore, it is important to make your contact with those people as impressive as possible. If you’re like most proprietors, your expertise does not include website development or website design, making it wise to hire someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes web development.
  • Most entrepreneurs and managers are not familiar with the pitfalls associated with website development. But to the contrary, a web design and web development expert has seen a variety of scenarios and has learned what works and what doesn’t – and is ready to apply that wisdom to your website design.
  • A website development expert and his or her team know what search engines want and will build your website around those requirements. He or she makes it their business to stay abreast of the newest internet developments and to help your website to score the best search results possible.
  • Part of website development is writing the type of web content that engages and moves readers to act. Without the desire or the expertise to write compelling copy, you could inadvertently be driving potential customers to your competition.
  • Website hosting is a 24/7 commitment, and chances are that you simply don’t have the time or the know-how to commit to it. When a web development professional hosts your website, you will never have to deal with website problems on your own; in fact, you won’t have to deal with them at all.

Website design and website development professionals at ATB Creative are here to help you succeed. Simply call 0113 322 1490 or get it touch with us via the contact form below.