What are they searching for when looking for a business website design like yours?

Website Design is important to convert the visitors when they arrive…

…but how do you get them to visit your website? Within the search listings of Google, position #1 acquires over 55% of the click-throughs. That is pretty impressive and demonstrates the importance and value of ranking highly in the search engines so that your website design you have invested in becomes the highly effective salesperson you hoped it would be.

Our ATB Creative website development specialists will help you design the website to convert and our online marketing specialists will help you determine the right search terms being used to find services like yours.

So how do you determine these terms?

There are a number of tools freely available to find out the terms people are searching for. If you go to Google Analytics Adwords keyword tool and type in the term you think is suggestive of your services, it will tell you how many people search using that term per month and suggests variations on those terms that also have a number of searches. For more in depth research obviously there are specific tools to use and techniques to adopt. Do call us on 0113 322 1490 or get in touch with us via the contact form below.