Website Analytics Tools

Website analytics tools help you monitor how well your website is performing, which is important when you have invested a good sum of money with your website designer to get your website up and running.

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Website analytics tools such as Google Analytics can be set up to tell you the basic information about your website visitors. But is Google Analytics as a basic website design tool enough? So…

Analytics enables your sales team to see whether any lapsed or current prospects within the sales pipeline, have since been on your website. You can also see if current clients are searching for your services broadly online – indicating that they are looking to move their contract elsewhere.

By using analytics software, you will now be able to see on a real-time basis, exactly which companies have been looking at your website, their website address and further details of how to contact them. More importantly it will even tell you what keyword search term they used to find you, which search engine they used, which pages they looked at on your website and for how long. You can then contact them armed with loads of information about exactly what they are interested in and can offer support with the exact solution to the problem they are trying to solve. Genius!

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