Web Design for Your Blog – is WordPress the Answer?

ATB Creative web design and SEO experts are adamant:  Every business needs a blog. A blog builds a brand by using language that is unique to your organisation, by spurring conversation about your brand with dialogue, by increasing your business’s chances of appearing high in search results (through the use of keywords and keyword phrases), and by creating links to your company’s main website (because links also increase your pages’ chances of being indexed, with precedence, by search engines).

Once you decide on the flavour of the blog and the issues that will exist at its core, web design questions will naturally arise. How will you incorporate your brand’s colours, logo, tagline, and other elements into your blog’s web design in a way that is unique to the blog yet unified with your website’s design? Will you design and manage the blog on your own or will you hire a web design company and/or a blog content manager? What blogging platform best suits your level of expertise? And more specifically, will you use WordPress? ATB Creative recognise a number of points in regard to WordPress, a popular blogging platform, and here are a few that might be of interest you:

  • WordPress is relatively simple to use, meaning that if you’re willing to invest the time in researching keywords, writing content, responding to comments, and managing links, nearly anyone can use it.
  • There is no programming knowledge required when using WordPress.
  • WordPress supplies its users with SEO packages that make it easy to optimise each post for search engines.
  • WordPress provides a menu of plug-ins so that you can customise your blog; however, these plug-ins are available to all WordPress users, meaning that your pages may not be as unique as you had hoped.
  • Content organisation is simple with WordPress, due in part to the available use of subpages and a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Because the operation of WordPress is widely used, any content writer(s) you hire will most likely be familiar with the process for uploading posts.
  • WordPress isn’t the best platform for the support of ecommerce needs; however, if your blog is linked to your business’s main website, you can direct traffic from the blog to the website, where your shopping cart will be ready and waiting to be filled.
  • WordPress’s layout choices are easy to incorporate, but are not specific to your brand, making it difficult to build your brand with its web design; nevertheless, web design experts commonly use its customisable features to incorporate brand identity and to integrate it into your main website.
  • Search engines have a special relationship with WordPress, meaning that by using this blogging platform, you will increase your chances of ranking well in search results.
  • Only by paying a fee will you be permitted to place advertisements on your WordPress blog.

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