Web Design: Choosing Fonts

Choosing fonts for your web design is not a subject to be taken lightly; in fact, the bends, lines, weight, twists, and curvatures of the letters on your website send messages, and ATB Creative Leeds is here to make sure you’re sending the appropriate ones.

Here are some observations that ATB Creative have made in regard to common web design fonts, the emotions they evoke, and the messages they send:

  • Times New Roman is associated with humour, sarcasm, irony, intelligence, and anger. Serif fonts like Times New Roman have been shown to increase reading speed and comprehension. That’s most likely because it is familiar, fairly simple, and with just enough flair to force the eye to delve into each word.
  • Fonts like Bodoni send messages of smart strength – probably due to the fact that they are geometrical in nature, but with a finesse that can only be described as stylish.
  • Fonts that are more challenging to read, like Bradley Hand, actually reduce comprehension and reading speed…but more than that, they negatively affect readers’ confidence in their abilities to follow the instructions put forth by the complicated font. However, if you’re in search of a web design font the gives a feeling of friendliness and approachability, a handwriting font might be the best choice.
  • Simple-to-read fonts like Arial are best used when your web design needs to be clear and when your main aim is the action of readers. A simple font sends a message that the product will not be too complex and that any accompanying instructions and/or procedures will be easy to understand and integrate.
  • Fonts like Rockwell are fairly easy to read, but use boxed serifs on their letters, meaning that they also convey messages of authority. This will come in handy if you’re attempting to convince readers that you can be trusted…that you know what you’re doing.
  • Complex fonts that are undersized lend feelings of upscale glamour. These are best used when comprehension requirements are low, but when aesthetics and status really matter.
  • Comic Sans never works well if you’d like to be taken seriously. It conveys an air of juvenility and screams for attention – just look at that unsolicited bold type. Surely, there’s a place for it, but if you’re aiming for professionalism, this is not the font for your web design.
  • Fonts that mirror calligraphy are some of the oldest, and should therefore be matched with themes that are traditional or historic in nature. Surely, you wouldn’t use a font like Lucida Calligraphy on a futuristic site – your readers will become bored and your credibility may be harmed.
  • Courier New is reminiscent of old typewriter print, so it works well for throw-back web design or when antique urbanity is your purpose.

In general, boxy fonts appeal to men and curvy fonts appeal to women. Geometric fonts are no-nonsense, whilst curvaceous fonts are more sexy, playful, and convincing.

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