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Website Design Graphic Concepts

Good website design reflects the values and the intentions of the business it represents. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a business owner in search of graphic design services, an idea about what design elements suit your project is a necessity – before you begin.

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Trendy Website Design: In or Out?

Whether you’re a website design expert like those at ATB Creative or you’re looking for one, you may feel tempted to jump on the latest and most trendy website design waggon.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Website design in Leeds is like fashion design in Paris – styles surge and settle; bizarre trends surface and sink; classic staples never go bad. For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to consider both the trendy and the timeless when creating a look and feel for your website.

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Website Design Strategy

According to Merriam Webster, strategy is defined as, “a careful plan or method.” The online dictionary giant also defines website as, “a group of World Wide Web pages usually containing hyperlinks…and made available online by an individual, company…” Loosely combined and defined, that mean your website design strategy must be the careful planning and creation of a group of web pages. Continue Reading..