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Company Branding for SME’s

When only one product or service can be the best in any market, we ask ‘how can you ensure your branding commands attention and justifies a higher price?’ For an SME who does not necessarily have the luxury of an in-house marketing team, it is vital you take expert advice from an experienced branding expert to ensure you’re on the right track for growth. Here are 4 essential elements that must be part of your branding tookit if you want to create a reputation that attracts the right kind of customers you want to work with and more importantly, keep.Continue Reading..


The benefits of branding and why should small businesses bother?

The most important reason is that it can help increase your sales. This means that when you need to increase your prices (because you are a small company, and there are only so many hours in the day) then your target audience will be accepting of your price increase. Think about it like this – if your company is built upon a solid brand base, you can build up to the next stage successfully without losing the trust of your customers.Continue Reading..