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10 Confirmed Upgrades in iOS 8

Most stories that circulate about the iPhone 6 touch on hardware to expect on release date though the device’s on-board killer features this 2014 will actually be embedded with iOS 8. This engine that powers the next iPhone is highly anticipated for a grand revelation on Apple’s 2014 WWDC on June, replacing iOS 7.1.1 and giving life to the next iPhone that according to analysts will slide out of the box beginning in September.Continue Reading..


Apple launch event today: new iPad mini & the iPad 5!

Apple’s latest launch event is expected to be focused massively on new and upgraded iPads in the build up to the Christmas shopping period!

New iPad! The original iPad is expected to get a new, slightly thinner shape that’s more in keeping with the design of the iPad Mini. Inside, the iPad will get a new processor based off the 64-bit A7 chip that’s already in the newly released iPhone 5S.Continue Reading..