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Typography in Graphic Design

A lot of thought is put into the words and message that you want to deliver to your customers, yet many people forget that typography can play a major role in delivering that message in a specific way. Think about a specific brand logo that you like and then try to imagine how it would look if the font were completely different. Companies that are most effective at branding themselves put a lot of thought into the typography as well as the words, and that is why you might very well need a professional graphic design company to show you how it works.Continue Reading..


5 High Quality Free Fonts For Graphic Designers

Choosing a typeface is like picking out clothes to where. They either make us look good or bad. They also indicate what kind of character we want to portray. Using the proper font can also be compared to a person who knows how to dress up to the occasion. However, to be able to impress people it is also necessary that the clothes we wear or, in this case, the typeface we use are of high quality.Continue Reading..


Web Design: Choosing Fonts

Choosing fonts for your web design is not a subject to be taken lightly; in fact, the bends, lines, weight, twists, and curvatures of the letters on your website send messages, and ATB Creative Leeds is here to make sure you’re sending the appropriate ones.Continue Reading..