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Colour psychology in Branding

Have you ever looked at a company logo and wondered why they chose one specific colour over another? Sure, some colour choices are obvious, such as green in a landscaping business, or blue in a company that sells or uses water. But what about the rest? Is there a specific reason why a company chooses a colour that doesn’t seem to have any real bearing on what they do? The answer to that is yes, and the use of colour is actually a whole lot more important than you might ever have imagined.Continue Reading..


Graphic Design and use of Colours

There are many different elements that a graphic design company will take into account when creating a unique design for you and your business. One element that is often somewhat overlooked, but which plays a major part in the overall design is colour. If you are looking to brand you company via a logo or website design, you will want the images and design to best convey what it is that you are offering the consumer. What you may not know is that colour can help you do that, with specific colours used to deliver a certain type of feeling or emotion to the viewer. Companies that have successfully branded themselves may change their brand in subtle ways, but the colour is seldom, if ever, tinkered with. Continue Reading..


Graphic Design For Print Vs. The Internet

When you hear about a graphic design, you probably immediately think of design that is primarily done for the internet. We live in a digital age where more business than ever before is conducted online. While graphic designers are regularly tasked with creating websites, banners, logos, and such for online use, they are still regularly asked to create print items for a large number of clients. Yes, e-commerce and an online presence is now considered essential, but that doesn’t mean that traditional forms of marketing have gone out the window completely.Continue Reading..


Colour combinations for Website Design

If you’ve already chosen the colours you’ll use in your brand’s logo, you have a good idea of what colours you’ll want to use in your website design. The messages you send with your logo and with your website should be unified, per your brand communications strategy.Continue Reading..