Importance of Positioning in Website Design – Part 1

Good website design combines a number of principles that make up a perfectly constructed page which is engaging and easy to follow. The purpose of every page is to transfer information that is relevant to the page that your visitor selected, is easy to read and encourages the reader to link to more pages of even more relevance to their needs that follow the same theme. It is important to cover the most important information on your page within the space “above the fold”, a term we refer to as the area of the screen visible to you without scrolling down the page.

The home page is, of course, the most important as it is the most visited page in your website design. Each page leads your reader around the screen to key areas of importance via a combination of visual and textual elements that convey the right messages. How much visual and textual weight balanced with good white space is down to your website design Leeds specialist to determine based on the information you are engaging the reader with. This is priority of positioning, sometimes referred to as precedence.

Your eye naturally reads left to right, top to bottom of a website design page. A simple example of priority of positioning is that in most sites the first thing you see is the logo. Brand is important as well as the name of the company and your phone number so this is good positioning. Thereafter the positioning of key messages follows accordingly in order of importance so that following items are in their correct places. Click here to find out more about priority of positioning in good website design.

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