Newspaper Web Design

Even if your site isn’t the online version of the daily rolled-up newspaper, your blog, online periodical, or other content-heavy website may benefit from newspaper-like web design.

There are a number of challenges that website design professionals face with website design that mirrors that of a newspaper; however, those challenges are balanced by the benefits experienced by our clients when a newspaper type lay-out is the right fit for their specific application.

Some of those challenges and benefits are as follows:

  • Because news sites revolve around content, the sheer volume of written information – even on the home page – can present challenges in the area of navigation, ease of use, and layout. Readers will arrive looking for information; if that information is not easily accessible and easily digestible, they may become frustrated and bounce. However, this also presents a unique opportunity: by exhibiting the content in a web design that keeps content and its presentation at the forefront, you will bring content-hungry readers back again and again.
  • News-type websites hold great potential for netting high yields of visitors; therefore, advertisements placed in the web design can be lucrative for the website’s owner. Of course, the challenge here is that too many ads – or ads that are ill-placed – will intrude on readers’ content experience and may drive them away. When integrated properly, a newspaper web design can be one of the best places for advertisers to make (and share) their wealth.
  • Placement of the navigation bar can be tricky in newspaper web design – the challenge being that the web design expert is charged with making navigation simple, straightforward, and obvious, without stealing thunder from the content, which should always take centre stage. When navigation is implemented flawlessly, content stays in the spotlight whilst giving spectators full control over scene transition.
  • Managing the sheer volume of content in the web design of a news site can be daunting. Titles and hooks should be organised in a manner that not only gives precedence to some, but that hints to the massive volume of information that is accessible to the reader. There are a number of options available, including a grid web design, which works wells when organisation and presentation are key.
  • Social media is no longer recommended for use at the webmaster’s discretion; in fact, the web design professionals at ATB Creative consider social media buttons to be indispensable. Historically, social media buttons (for ease of Tweeting, etc.) have not been predominant on news-type websites. There’s no reason, however, that these tools cannot be integrated into news web design so that you can get the most out of your content.

There’s so much more to talk about regarding newspaper layout web design. If your dream website is one that draws readers in with its valuable and plentiful content…where the sheer volume of information makes a specific organisational plan a prerequisite, ATB Creative is prepared to implement a web design to fill your needs. Call 0113 322 1490 or get it touch with us via the contact form below.