In Web Design, a Lot Less is Much More!

In Web Design, a Lot Less is Much More.

Here at ATB Creative, we’re not just web design professionals based in Leeds, we are also consumers. We too troll the internet looking for answers about different products and services. And just like you, when we reach a certain site that could be potentially full of the information we need, we navigate away from the site. Why? We simply opt to not scroll through the clutter to get the information we need.

Websites that choose to use an overpowering design or overcrowd with content make it difficult for consumers to absorb content. Here is how simple web design can improve the user experience:

  • A site with simple design and code loads more quickly.
  • Simple code is easier to de-bug, this improves the speed of downtime.
  • Simple web designs utilize server space and bandwidth. This equating to a more economical operating cost – which comes in especially useful if you have lots of visitors!
  • The less time visitors waste on having to filter through the clutter on your page, the more time you have to win them over.
  • At the end of the day, people will get frustrated with an over cluttered site. If someone does end up on your site don’t scare them away with heavy content and over powering designs!

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