Graphic Design with Branding in Mind

A good graphic designer or design firm works with you to deliver a visual communication tool that performs to build your brand. Finding a good graphic designer can be difficult because many companies like yours have little personal experience to build on. Often, they’re embarking upon first-time branding experiences or they have no idea how well previous graphic designers have performed because they had not gauged the design’s accomplishments in numbers.

Choosing a graphic designer takes a special kind of collaboration – the kind that combines the gathering and researching of references with a productive client-to-designer synergy. Here’s what we suggest when searching for and deciding on a graphic designer for branding:

  • Attentiveness: A graphic designer should intrinsically realise that YOU are the client and that your vision is the premier. Whilst engaging in opening talks with the design candidate, you should feel confident that the final product will reflect your values, not the values of the designer.
  • Strategy: No designer can create something that will build your brand unless he or she asks the questions necessary, and does the work necessary, for establishing a short-term and a long-term strategy.
  • Creative Thinking: Ask to see past work. Whilst conversing with the potential graphic designer, evaluate his or her level of creativity. Is he or she willing to think outside the parameters of what is conventional?
  • Technical Expertise: Enquire about the designer’s experience with the latest graphic design programs. If you haven’t done so already, ask for visual examples. Are they unique? Do they utilise cutting edge design…or are they hum-drum and outdated?
  • Direct Account Handling:  If the potential graphic designer uses a project manager or account handler to act as a liaison between you and him or herself, walk away. The best visual products result from direct communication between the two major parties involved in design: you and the graphic designer.
  • Flexibility: Is the graphic designer willing to work on anything from a single logo to a full line of marketing materials? If he or she is attempting to sell more than you’re asking for, the quality of your objective could be compromised.
  • Willingness: Is the design at the forefront of all communications with the graphic design candidate? Or is he or she more concerned about convenience? Your graphic designer should be hospitable enough to invite you into his or her office to work, and should also be willing to come to your office to build a design strategy.

We pride ourselves on listening attentively, constructing a brand strategy that delivers, thinking innovatively, staying abreast of the latest design technology, delivering personal service, and demonstrating a willingness to do whatever it takes to design something that speaks to your audience.

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