When Is A Good Time To re-Brand?

As important as it is to build a solid brand for your business, it’s also crucial to be able to recognise when you brand is simply not having the effect that you had hoped for. Some companies will experience this issue at the outset, while others will start to see their brand diminish over time.

Either way, you need to be open to change when you notice that you are really not making any headway in the brand building arena. If you are still new to brand building, you may not be aware of what to look for or when to re-brand, so let’s take a look at when that might be a good idea.

There are countless new businesses out there and many more being added daily, with all of them doing what they can to build their brand. There is a strong possibility that your logo or message may come a little too close to another business that is currently operating in the market. Not only can this create confusion among consumers, it can lead the other business to demand that you take a different route. This generally happens to newer businesses, though, with more established companies usually having a different problem. Often, your business will grow to the point where you have outgrown your original brand. That is when you need to make a change.

A problem that some businesses run into is being a little too clever for their own good. If you have a logo that looks cool, but which says nothing about what you offer, it can lead to confusion. How can you expect to attract customers when they have no idea what you do? The same rules apply if your message is overly complicated. Keep everything simple and easy to understand or be prepared to re-brand. Another issue that can arise is when one product that you carry starts to become a top-seller. While this may not seem bad, it can create an issue of it is not a proprietary product. You need to make it clear to the consumer that your brand is not necessarily all about that one product.

One of the biggest reasons for re-branding is when you shift the focus of what you do, or when you move your business to another location. Local branding is crucial, and it does not work that well if you carry over a name or message that has the name of your former location attached. Even if you are expanding to other areas, taking the name of the initial location out of your branding is considered to be a good idea.

You should be looking to create some real excitement when you are building a brands, but the initial message can grow stale over time. Going with a re-branding effort can help bring back that excitement level to your customer base, as well as being a great central part of a new marketing campaign.

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