ATB Creative – Elaine Hanzak

  • Do you curse when setting up your email on a new phone? Even when you have put in the correct passwords, etc. it still can be temperamental?
  • Do you get frustrated when you are away from your desk that if you send an email from your phone or laptop, it doesn’t match what you have on your master computer?
  • When you are away from your master computer, can you access your email folders in it?
  • Do you get loads of junk mail?
  • Do you get texts back from possible clients who say that they have sent you an email message that you have not received?
  • Do you really trust your email for both sending and receiving messages that could seriously affect your brand and business?

For a long while I was facing all of the above dilemmas and frustrations as a self-employed speaker and author. Several times I contacted Tim with my IT glitches. I did not realise that for an additional few pounds a month, all of the above challenges would vanish!

Tim explained that my original email system came free as part of my website software. He therefore recommended a Microsoft Exchange account. It took him less than an hour to remotely change some settings on my master computer and within a few hours, all my technology for emails in aligned!


To say I am thrilled with the efficiency of Microsoft Exchange, is an understatement. I strongly suggest that you upgrade now! My only regret is not having changed sooner. The time and convenience is worth every penny.

Thank you Tim and Microsoft!

Elaine Hanzak

07762 148 183


Author of ‘Eyes without Sparkle – a journey through postnatal illness’ and ‘Another Twinkle in the Eye  – contemplating another pregnancy after perinatal mental illness’ (now published). http://www.hanzak.com/books/anothertwinkleintheeye