Colour combinations for Website Design

If you’ve already chosen the colours you’ll use in your brand’s logo, you have a good idea of what colours you’ll want to use in your website design. The messages you send with your logo and with your website should be unified, per your brand communications strategy.

Now is a good time to preview the effects you can expect your colour choices to have on your website’s visitors…and decide if they are as you intend. It’s also a good time to choose the auxiliary colours that will complement your brand colours in your website design.

The number of possible colour combinations is too vast to cover completely here, but ATB Creative would like to present a few so that you may gain an understanding of just how important your choices are.

  • Orange and White or Black: Orange is symbolic of energy, vitality, fire, excitement, and warmth. Add white, which is indicative of purity, clarity, hygiene, honesty, and virginity, and the orange’s intensity is not only softened, but its fire is assumed to be intended for virtuous purposes. Add black to the orange, and that fire’s connotation takes a shadowy turn. White and black both make the orange “pop,” but the ways in which they accomplish it are highly dissimilar. Choosing white or choosing black to accompany orange tweaks the message – and the resulting messages are as different as dreamsicles (creamy, sweet treats) and Halloween (a holiday littered with zombies and pagan rituals).
  • Orange and Fuchsia or Green:  If you’re putting together an outfit for work, you might not choose this colour combination; however, if you’re putting one together for a rock concert, you might consider it. As you’ve learnt, orange is suggestive of energy and fire. On its own, it lends feelings of verve and dynamo. Add a colour like fuchsia, which is exotic, glamorous, exciting, and fun, and your website design will have more energy than a hyperactive hummingbird on caffeine. Complement the orange with green, and you’ll add notes of nature, growth, good luck, health, and nutrition. All of a sudden, the energy of the orange is not only contained and focussed, but it takes a juicy, organic turn.
  • Yellow and Black or Red:  Yellow is the happiest colour on earth. It conveys messages of optimism, confidence, approachability, and warmth. Add black to the yellow, and you’ll gift your website design with the most attention-getting combination on earth. The black couples the yellow’s optimism with strength, leadership, and sophistication – which sends a single message of positive, confident guidance. Throw out the black and inject red, and the new colour’s aggression, passion, courage, and excitement will meld with the cheerful yellow to communicate the most assertive type of enthusiasm.

ATB Creative always recommend employing the help of a professional website designer who understands the implications of colour. Choose the right combinations, and you’ll send messages more powerful than words can accomplish. To speak with our website design expert, simply call 0113 322 1490 or get it touch with us via the contact form below.