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ATB Creative – CF6 Media

​Tim has been vital to our business by bringing us into the current times. Our brand had became dated while our online presence had became non existent.

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Formulating a Successful Brand Design

A well coined phrase “Survival of the fittest” by Herbert Spencer, not only seconds The Darwins theory of Human Evolution, in fact it well suits the modern world’s business scenario. Let’s say a brand design for example. Before acknowledging a brands importance, let us understand what is a brand design?

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10 Confirmed Upgrades in iOS 8

Most stories that circulate about the iPhone 6 touch on hardware to expect on release date though the device’s on-board killer features this 2014 will actually be embedded with iOS 8. This engine that powers the next iPhone is highly anticipated for a grand revelation on Apple’s 2014 WWDC on June, replacing iOS 7.1.1 and giving life to the next iPhone that according to analysts will slide out of the box beginning in September.Continue Reading..


Vector based Designs vs Pixel based Designs

When you are looking to have work done by a graphic designer, one of the things that will be discussed is how the design will be put together. What that means is choose between a vector based design and a pixel, or raster, based one. Let’s take a look at both so that you can get an idea of what will best work for your specific needs.Continue Reading..


Apple CarPlay: iOS in Your Cars Dashboard

Apple has announced its new in-car iPhone integration system. Called CarPlay, it’s designed to be an eyes-free system which allows users to safely use their phone for information, entertainment and communication while at the wheel.Continue Reading..


How 15 popular websites looked when they first launched

From Google to youtube, from craigslist to flickr – how some of today’s biggest sites looked back in the early days of their existence.Continue Reading..


Apple celebrates Mac’s 30th birthday!

A story 30 years and one day in the making.

Apple continues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Macintosh, this time with a short film shot entirely with the iPhone 5s.Continue Reading..


ATB Creative – KPMS Testimonial

KPMS are one of the UKs leading suppliers/Installers of Audio Visual/Projection systems and currently look after over 1000 Schools, Colleges and Businesses nationwide. Since 2006 we have strived to bring new ideas to the classroom by exploring the innovations in Audio Visual technology and sourcing “hard to find” equipment which would be of interest to any presenter/teacher.

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Happy Christmas Everyone!

From everyone at ATB Creative. Hoping you get all the presents you’ve asked for, and we’ll see you in the new year.


Apple’s new Mac Pro will be available to order from tomorrow!

Apple has revealed that its new Mac Pro will be available to order from tomorrow (December 19th) through its online store and retail channels – althought it has not mentioned if this is only the US, or worldwide. Lets check the Apple store in the morning I suppose…Continue Reading..