Branding Process

When starting your branding process with ATB Creative, you can be sure that the initial strategy put forth will cover key and important areas that you must have in order to succeed with brand visibility.

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The ATB Creative, branding process is designed to ensure that every variable is taken into account and that the final brand is targeted, viable and rolled out across all media in an organised way.  Perhaps you are an established organisation looking to re-develop your brand, reposition, build or create sub-brands? Or you may be a new company who needs help to create a brand strategy that both positions you and forms a creative brief from which you can grow your business?

Whatever your reason for investigating branding, here are some of the different stages you will find as part of our branding process at ATB Creative:

Stage 1: Clarify your vision, strategy, goals & values

Stage 2: Brand and positioning strategy

Stage 3: Visualise the future

Stage 4: Apply brand to printed or online materials

Stage 5: Build synergy around your new brand

For more information about our branding process, or to book an appointment with one of our branding experts, please call 0113 322 1490 or get it touch with us via the contact form below.