Branded Corporate Clothing

At ATB Creative we believe that it’s not just having a brand for your business that matters.

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It is what you do with your brand design and corporate identity design once you’ve got it that really makes the difference to consistently position you above your competitors.

Corporate clothing can really make the difference between you having an ordinary brand and an extraordinary brand.

Wearing your brand on corporate clothing and consistently applying it to your website design and marketing materials will take your brand to an extra level.

It communicates to your customers all of the following things…

Wearing your brand gives the impression that you have a strong, unified branding presence right from the first point of contact with your prospects. It is also reassuring to existing customers when they see your brand that they are doing business with a reputable company who cares about its appearance. If a client had to choose between a company who is communicating all of the above, against a company who does none of the above, who do you think they will choose? They of course will work with the one that looks more established and professional.

If this is what you want to communicate to your customers, you can start today by ordering a couple of things with your brand design on them and then build your collection as you go.

You don’t need to be top to toe in your brand as this would look over the top! However, a nice polo shirt with your brand on it with a pair of smart trousers, or a pair of cufflinks as above worn with a nice shirt and a brand colour tie will look really smart. For women, brand colour jewellery or a branded neck scarf is enough to add the finishing touches to your outfit.

Investing in the little finishing touches of your brand with corporate clothing is a great investment and will do more for your brand awareness than most advertising.

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