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Maybe like me you find yourself hearing those words “You need a strong brand” and possibly you think – I’m sure I can do that!

Well think again….

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When Is A Good Time To re-Brand?

As important as it is to build a solid brand for your business, it’s also crucial to be able to recognise when you brand is simply not having the effect that you had hoped for. Some companies will experience this issue at the outset, while others will start to see their brand diminish over time. Continue Reading..


Importance of Brand Guidelines

The importance of brand building is something that no company can overlook, but it is also something that cannot be approached in a slipshod fashion. The customers that you are targeting will expect to see a high level of consistency wherever they see your brand represented, which is hard for a business to achieve when several different people are working on creating that brand.Continue Reading..


Parallax and Textured Web Design

Website design is evolving as quickly as the imaginations of the innovative designers who are driving it. A website design with a creative edge captures mind share – which increases the likelihood of it being profitable. One website design element that’s been around for a while and has recently been gaining momentum is parallax scrolling.Continue Reading..


Usability in good website design

Good website design is critically important to engage your customers. It will be the difference between success and failure of your online business. However, this does not mean just making it look pretty. With so much information and interaction whilst conforming to technical requirements it is important to provide for it all. That means making your website usable.Continue Reading..


Converting maximum customers in your website design

Once you have a well-structured website development in place with a clean and pleasing website design the next step is to ensure that the content within your website design is engaging. We have some great advice for you and if you need any help ATB Creative website design Leeds is here.

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Distribution of links with your website design

In most cases website design and website development systems for content management system (CMS) tend to offer a restricted way to cleverly position important links to main website pages because when you add a new page within a certain section the link automatically appears in the main navigation menu list.Continue Reading..


Branding Design – Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

Brand design and building has always been something that is incredibly important in business, but it can be argued that making that happen today is tougher than ever. It wasn’t so long ago that businesses would have a logo created and then set about the task of creating a brand that would stick with the buying public. That has become a little more difficult today, though, as business now takes place online as well as at the street level. With so many branches coming off of the brand tree, the most important part of the process becomes consistency.Continue Reading..