ATB Creative – Perfect Lets Testimonial

After attending my first BNI breakfast meeting as a visitor, I mentioned to a few of members I was starting my own online letting agency and that I was in need of some branding. Continue Reading..


Graphic Design – Eye for detail is key!

There are many elements that go into great graphic design, but it can be argued that an eye for detail is very much at the top of the list. It is attention to detail that can very much be the difference between a good design and a great one. This is something that is absolutely essential in any type of design, from a simple logo to the building of a bridge. Something may look beautiful when taken at face value, but may be a whole lot less than when put under the microscope.Continue Reading..


Vector based Designs vs Pixel based Designs

When you are looking to have work done by a graphic designer, one of the things that will be discussed is how the design will be put together. What that means is choose between a vector based design and a pixel, or raster, based one. Let’s take a look at both so that you can get an idea of what will best work for your specific needs.Continue Reading..


Branding is Not Just Creating Yourself a Logo

When you mention branding to someone, they will more often than not think that you are talking about logo design. This is a common mistake that often leads to businesses not doing enough to build their brand, since they assume that the job is done once that shiny new logo goes on the business cards and letterheads. Being happy to settle for a logo or a catchy slogan means that you are not taking your branding to the levels that you could, which essentially adds up to selling your business short.Continue Reading..


ATB Creative – Little Epic Testimonial

Tim is probably the best investment we’ve put into our business to date. He’s taken our ideas and given us back an intelligent, creative brand that we can be proud of, along with oodles of sound guidance and aftercare. We look forward to continuing to work with Tim as it’s been a pleasure so far.Continue Reading..


Apple CarPlay: iOS in Your Cars Dashboard

Apple has announced its new in-car iPhone integration system. Called CarPlay, it’s designed to be an eyes-free system which allows users to safely use their phone for information, entertainment and communication while at the wheel.Continue Reading..


Using a Branding Expert Vs Using a Stranger on Elancer

Building your business is something that has to be done properly if it is ever going to succeed. While you may feel the need to cut corners during the build, it is advised that you don’t, as doing so tends to lead to problems as you move forward.Continue Reading..