5 High Quality Free Fonts For Graphic Designers

Choosing a typeface is like picking out clothes to where. They either make us look good or bad. They also indicate what kind of character we want to portray. Using the proper font can also be compared to a person who knows how to dress up to the occasion. However, to be able to impress people it is also necessary that the clothes we wear or, in this case, the typeface we use are of high quality.Continue Reading..


Brand Identity – Use of Shapes

Your logo is the face of your brand identity. If you’ve ever seen a person’s face but couldn’t seem to remember his or her name, you’ve experienced part of the phenomenal importance of a logo. Even if a market leader’s business name doesn’t come to mind immediately, its logo will conjure feelings within you. Its appearance turns on an associative, subconscious memory and feelings bubble up.Continue Reading..


ATB Creative – KPMS Testimonial

KPMS are one of the UKs leading suppliers/Installers of Audio Visual/Projection systems and currently look after over 1000 Schools, Colleges and Businesses nationwide. Since 2006 we have strived to bring new ideas to the classroom by exploring the innovations in Audio Visual technology and sourcing “hard to find” equipment which would be of interest to any presenter/teacher.

Continue Reading..


Spacing or “white space” within website design

Good website design always incorporates well-distributed and plentiful spacing. This can be achieved in a number of ways to engage to your visitors:Continue Reading..


Graphic Design with Branding in Mind

A good graphic designer or design firm works with you to deliver a visual communication tool that performs to build your brand. Finding a good graphic designer can be difficult because many companies like yours have little personal experience to build on. Often, they’re embarking upon first-time branding experiences or they have no idea how well previous graphic designers have performed because they had not gauged the design’s accomplishments in numbers.Continue Reading..