The One-day Apple Shopping Event is Today!

Black Friday – and Apple’s one-day sale – is on Today – November 29.

Apple has announced a one day sale on Friday to mark Black Friday 2013. The discounts will be available to UK shoppers in the Apple online store as well as the high street Apple Stores.Continue Reading..


How to Create a Good Strapline

Branding straplines / taglines influence consumers’ buying behaviour by evoking an emotional response. ATB Creative recommend that your strapline/tagline should be a short phrase that captures a company’s brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes the company from its competitors.Continue Reading..


Importance of Positioning in Website Design – Part 1

Good website design combines a number of principles that make up a perfectly constructed page which is engaging and easy to follow. The purpose of every page is to transfer information that is relevant to the page that your visitor selected, is easy to read and encourages the reader to link to more pages of even more relevance to their needs that follow the same theme.Continue Reading..


The New Apple MacPro… Coming next month!

Apple’s latest flagship computer, the Mac Pro, hasn’t yet been made available to the general public; the company says the new Mac Pro will become available to buy next month in the UK.Continue Reading..


WordPress Worm Alert – Minor Issue!

We’ve recently seen a spate of WordPress attacks, targeting older, insecure versions of the software, it’s plugins and it’s themes. The payload to these attacks was the installation of two malicious plugins, showing up in your ./wp-content/plugins/ directory as “tell-a-friend” and “likebtn-like-button”. These two plugins are directly related to each other.Continue Reading..


Branding and Profitability

How easy is it to increase price without losing customers?

Research by The Grocer magazine in 2006 confirms the view that ‘branding’ is the key to success. In the food industry, profitability was much higher for food producers such as Kellogg’s and Jordans, which provide branded products.Continue Reading..


The benefits of branding and why should small businesses bother?

The most important reason is that it can help increase your sales. This means that when you need to increase your prices (because you are a small company, and there are only so many hours in the day) then your target audience will be accepting of your price increase. Think about it like this – if your company is built upon a solid brand base, you can build up to the next stage successfully without losing the trust of your customers.Continue Reading..


5 Responsive Websites to offer you Design Inspiration for 2013

If you are the owner of an eCommerce store or in fact any business website which aims to capture leads, you will know that your websites design is essential to its success. Unlike 5 or 6 years ago when the majority of business searchers and consumers were trying to find information online using desktop computers, now people are increasingly using mobile devices to access information online which means that your website is being accessed on devices with display sizes from 3.5-inches to 5.5-inches within the smartphone market alone.Continue Reading..