In Web Design, a Lot Less is Much More!

In Web Design, a Lot Less is Much More.

Here at ATB Creative, we’re not just web design professionals based in Leeds, we are also consumers. We too troll the internet looking for answers about different products and services. Continue Reading..


OSX Mavericks is here, and its FREE!

On Tuesday, the 22nd, Apple released the 10th version of its ground breaking OS X operating system… Mavericks.

And whats better is, OS X Mavericks is being given to everyone with a mac for FREE*, as a free download from the Mac App Store. When upgrading to Mountain Lion, the last version of OS X, it would have cost you £13.99 (cheap enough).Continue Reading..


Apple launch event today: new iPad mini & the iPad 5!

Apple’s latest launch event is expected to be focused massively on new and upgraded iPads in the build up to the Christmas shopping period!

New iPad! The original iPad is expected to get a new, slightly thinner shape that’s more in keeping with the design of the iPad Mini. Inside, the iPad will get a new processor based off the 64-bit A7 chip that’s already in the newly released iPhone 5S.Continue Reading..


Newspaper Web Design

Even if your site isn’t the online version of the daily rolled-up newspaper, your blog, online periodical, or other content-heavy website may benefit from newspaper-like web design.

There are a number of challenges that website design professionals face with website design that mirrors that of a newspaper; however, those challenges are balanced by the benefits experienced by our clients when a newspaper type lay-out is the right fit for their specific application.Continue Reading..


Adding Forms to Website Design

Need forms in your website design? To gather information in a way that’s “intelligent” enough to make conditional “decisions” and categorise input? In that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of form-building applications – all of which will simplify the process of integrating forms into your website design.Continue Reading..


Colour combinations for Website Design

If you’ve already chosen the colours you’ll use in your brand’s logo, you have a good idea of what colours you’ll want to use in your website design. The messages you send with your logo and with your website should be unified, per your brand communications strategy.Continue Reading..


Creative Business Cards

Branding is about making a positive impression and ATB Creative think you can tell a lot about a person from their business card. Here are a few pointers to consider:

Do not use inkjet printed cards or cards printed with your home computer. Invest in your cards and prospects will invest in you. If you look cheap, guess what you’ll attract!

Continue Reading..


Responsive Web Design

How many of your website’s visitors will be frequenting your site using PCs and MACs? How about netbooks? How many will be accessing it using a Kindle? Or an iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini? Or on their Blackberry? Or on other miscellaneous mobile devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions?Continue Reading..


Web Design: Choosing Fonts

Choosing fonts for your web design is not a subject to be taken lightly; in fact, the bends, lines, weight, twists, and curvatures of the letters on your website send messages, and ATB Creative Leeds is here to make sure you’re sending the appropriate ones.Continue Reading..