Problems in Web Design Solved

If you’ve been searching for a web design professional, we know you probably have a number of problems that need to be solved. Of course, every web design project and its problems are unique; however, at ATB Creative, we’re guessing that you’ve encountered at least a few of these web design challenges, and we’re ready to offer solutions for each one:Continue Reading..


Why you Need Website Development

ATB Creative know just how valuable your time is. We know that right now, there are probably ten others things that you should be doing aside from reading this blog, but you’re here because you know you need to give attention to website development. You know that there’s potential for your brick-and-mortar shop to be replaced by your website – but not in the condition it’s in now. Your current website has been created using a technician’s template. Continue Reading..


Adding Youtube Videos

To get traffic you could submit a website relevant video to YouTube and all the other video hosting services and you could get top placement for your search term as well as getting backlinks in your video description.

The same video can be used in an online press release and on your own website.

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Website Design Strategy

According to Merriam Webster, strategy is defined as, “a careful plan or method.” The online dictionary giant also defines website as, “a group of World Wide Web pages usually containing hyperlinks…and made available online by an individual, company…” Loosely combined and defined, that mean your website design strategy must be the careful planning and creation of a group of web pages. Continue Reading..


Converting with Website Design

ATB Creative in Leeds have worked on enough website design and website development projects to know that attractive website design and well-thought-out website development are important to entrepreneurs and managing directors for a number of reasons. Firstly, they want visitors to be impressed with the website’s colours and aesthetics – they want all aspects of the website to be pleasing to the eye. Secondly, they expect that the website design will be easy-to-use, ensuring that visitors will have a pleasant experience. And thirdly – and this is what many webmasters miss – none of that matters unless the website design that’s been presented nets a noted increase in conversions.Continue Reading..


Web Design for Your Blog – is WordPress the Answer?

ATB Creative web design and SEO experts are adamant:  Every business needs a blog. A blog builds a brand by using language that is unique to your organisation, by spurring conversation about your brand with dialogue, by increasing your business’s chances of appearing high in search results (through the use of keywords and keyword phrases), and by creating links to your company’s main website (because links also increase your pages’ chances of being indexed, with precedence, by search engines).Continue Reading..


Principles for Good Website Design

Website design is of ultimate importance when considering that 72% of searches for products and services are now carried out online. Your website is the most valuable and cost effective marketing tool your business will ever have. Managed correctly, your website complimented with a good website design will ensure your business success and add a handsome price to your business should you choose to sell it.Continue Reading..


Web Design with .JPG Images

Whilst absorbed in web design, you may have come across a variety of image types and wondered what the suffixes mean, if there are differences among them, and which one(s) you should use in your web design.

Today, ATB Creative’s web design experts would like to provide an overview of a common photography image type, .JPG or .JPEG).Continue Reading..


What are they searching for when looking for a business website design like yours?

Website Design is important to convert the visitors when they arrive…

…but how do you get them to visit your website? Within the search listings of Google, position #1 acquires over 55% of the click-throughs. That is pretty impressive and demonstrates the importance and value of ranking highly in the search engines so that your website design you have invested in becomes the highly effective salesperson you hoped it would be.Continue Reading..


RSS Feed in Web Design

When ATB Creative works with clients on their web design, the subject of RSS feeds often comes up. Clientele want to know: should they provide feeds from their own sites? Should they include feeds from other sites on their own?

In this, the information age, it seems that the more up-to-date information you can provide, the better you’ll fare; however, as with any web development decision, a bit of education is necessary in order to decide if a feature might be right for your application.Continue Reading..